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I ordered this aperture from you and wanted to provide some feedback. I just got to the range today for a short session and am pleased with the results. I was shooting indoors and prefer to keep the light off at the shooting station leaving the sights in silhouette. I have not had that crisp a sight picture in awhile! I have only tried the larger aperture so far and only indoors, but I expect the crispness to increase with more light and pupil constriction. I found the device unobtrusive for the most part. Just a little odd collecting my brass from the floor. I had previously seen the suction cup adjustable model that is more expensive, but yours was at a price point that made it easier to gamble on. Nice use of simple materials for a functional solution to " old shooting eyes".
I have one of your magnetic shooting apertures and it allows me to to see iron sights like I could when I was 12 years old before my vision changed. I have 2nd stage multiple sclerosis that caused several problems with my sight... ( loss of depth perception,poor focus,double and blurred vision ). The problems are caused by nerve damage and are consantly changing getting better and worse so glasses do not help as I would need so many pairs of glasses. I higly recommend your magnetic target aperture to anyone with the type of problems I have.
Thank You,
The package was delivered in my mailbox today - Haven't tried it at the range yet, but I just quickly tried it on my safety glasses and the improvement is amazing!!! The depth of field is just incredible as I can not only see the front sight post sharply, but also whatever is in the distance. I'll let you know how it works in the match next Saturday - I no longer have my bad vision as an excuse!
Thanks again!
You design is much easier to utilize on bifocal lenses than others and worked well for me in the last match I shot.

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