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Safety Glasses

You should not use the Magnetic Target Shooting Aperture on prescription eyewear. You can purchase safety glasses that fit over prescription eyewear. These are sometimes referred to as OTG (over the glasses) safety glasses.

A place to start is Safety Glasses USA. This company offers a variety of OTG safety glasses. I use some of their OTG glasses and have been satisifed with them. (This is just a personal recommendation - I receive no commission for sales based on my comments.)

You might find OTG safety glasses at Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart or your local hardware store.

Finally, you can go to Google and search for OTG safety glasses to find other options.

The benefit of the Magnetic Target Shooting Aperture is not compromised when using OTG safety glasses.

For people who wear eyeglasses with progressive lenses, you may have to do a little more work to position the Magnet Target Shooting Aperture on your shooting glasses so that it corresponds to the best place to see through your glasses. Stick with it - don't get frustrated and give up!

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