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See Better Shoot Better

How to Install

The Magnetic Target Shooting Aperture will be attached to your shooting glasses or prescription glasses. Follow these steps to properly place the aperture disc on your glasses. These instructions assume a right-handed shooter; reverse everything if you are left-handed.

Hold your glasses in one hand with the front of the glasses pointing to the ground and the ear pieces pointing up. Place the holding magnet on the inside of the right lens so that the rubber surface is pointing down and touching the lens.

Place the aperture disc on the outside of the lens by slowly bringing it up from underneath the right lens. The side of the disc containing the magnet should be pointing up toward the front of the lens. Place it directly underneath the holding magnet. Be careful, the magnetic force may pop the aperture disc out of your hand as you get closer to the holding magnet.

Wear your glasses as you normally do.

Assume your normal shooting position. Raise your unloaded weapon as if you are going to shoot. Take note of any adjustments that need to be made in the position of the aperture disc. Place your weapon on the shooting bench with the barrel pointing down range. Reach up and grab the aperture disc and make the necessary adjustments in the position of the disc. As you move the disc, the holding magnet will also move. Repeat this process until you can clearly see the sights on your gun and the target down range. Once you have a clear sight picture, load your weapon and begin shooting.

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